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Safe Driving on a Road Trip Through Europe

There’s no better way to explore a continent like for example Europe than by car. Not only is renting a car quite budget-friendly; it’s also the preferred way of traveling if you want to quickly hop from one city to the other. Driving in another country is more than adjusting to the local traffic situation, it’s also a matter of having the write papers and licenses to be allowed to sit behind the steering wheel in these countries.

Do, Do, Do

There will be some confusion, no matter how prepared you are. In many countries like Italy and Germany there are different types of roads and highways. Each type has specific rules for motorists. You may need additional permits for certain roadways like divided highways and interstates.

Try not to hop in the rental car and drive aimlessly about, have an idea in advance of the roadways and where they lead. No one enjoys feeling lost so do bring a map, do write down the directions for quick reference. Do have contact numbers programmed in your phone.

An International Driver's Permit (IDP) (more…)

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My Story: “Never Leaving The Country Without It”

The Nubian Sea CruiserI am a frequent traveler to Egypt and love to fill the weeks with wild trekking tours through the deserts, Nile cruises and at least one venture into far off places beyond the beaten paths. On my last trip, I took my usual seven-day Nile cruise boarding in Luxor and heading southward to Aswan. However, this latest getaway also included a seven-night voyage on Lake Nasser aboard the beautiful five-star Nubian Sea cruiser.

The two featured Nubian Sea itineraries available included the same stops at Kalabsha, Amada and all of the other stops along the Egyptian side of the lake. However, I opted to take the one itinerary that extended the cruise to explore the southern most Lake Nasser border that belongs to Sudan and is called Lake Nubia by the Sudanese. Sudan does not adhere to the same strict health codes used by the Egyptians, and therefore, I had to get a malaria shot approximately six weeks before departing for the trip. (more…)

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Dealing with Fear of Flying Effectively

Fear of flyingIf you have a fear of flying, you are not alone. There are hundreds of travelers who are afraid of those blue skies and experience anxiety just thinking about getting on an airplane. Fortunately, there are many steps you can take to deal effectively with the fear of flying.

First Stop: The Doctor

To help quell any fears about flying, the doctor should be your first stop. Plan a visit to see your physician several weeks before your flight. Your doctor can prescribe sedatives to prevent or reduce any symptoms of anxiety. Sedatives are very effective for reducing anxiety attacks and putting one at ease. Just make sure to take as prescribed, and do not mix any sedatives with alcohol. Keep your sedatives with you at all times. This will give you reassurance that help is close by if you need it and reduce anticipatory anxiety.

Wing-Side vs Aisle Seat

Choosing the right seat to best calm your fears is important. Each individual is different, so think carefully before you choose. Some travelers feel more at ease with a wing-side seat. Being able to gaze outside and have a focal point can help you take your mind off of your fears. Others feel more at ease with an aisle seat because looking out the window is a reminder that they are in the air. Whether you choose a wing-side seat or aisle seat, there are temperature controls on the passenger seats for cool air. Cool air can help reduce symptoms of anxiety that make you feel like you can’t breathe.

Entertain Yourself While in The Air

Reading a book on the planeOne of the best ways to help deal with anxiety while flying is to keep busy in the air. Make sure to bring a good book, DVD or MP3 player for music. Whether it’s a sultry romantic novel or one of Tom Clancy’s thrillers, engaging in a good read will keep you focused and make the flight go quicker. Listening to your favorite music is another way to stay focused and make the time pass.

Getting to the Ball on Time

Make sure to allow yourself plenty of time for check-in. Having extra time will put you at ease, and you can grab a cup of coffee or trek the airport shops. With extra time, you can leisurely relax and won’t feel extra pressure from time constraints. Extra time will give you a steady heart rate, and you’ll be able to fly the friendly skies feeling more relaxed.

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Having Stress About Traveling?

Annoying kids causing travel anxietyTraveling can be quite a stressful experience, but there are definitely many ways to get yourself worked up while you are on the road or on an airplane. The worst feeling is arriving in your destination and being very stressed because a slight mishap took place. The truth is that there are ways to keep yourself relaxed and away from getting stressed throughout the day. In this article, discover some simple tips for traveling with very little travel stress.

Always Have Your Stuff With You

This is an important thing to remember. Whether it means getting all of your clothes or your electronics with you, remember to keep everything next to you. It is very easy to get mad and stressed once you lose something. Be sure to use a good checklist to let you know of what you need to bring. While you are packing, remember where you put everything. (more…)

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My Story: “How Travel Insurance Helped Our Family On Our Florida Vacation”

Lost luggage at the airportUp until last year, I had never taken my family on a long vacation. Of course, we had taken day trips to waterparks and the occasional camping weekend, but never a long vacation. That changed last year when my husband and I decided to take our four children to Walt Disney World.

Booking the Trip – Did I Need Insurance?

I don’t know about you, but I had never purchased travel insurance before this trip. However, when my coworker found out about our upcoming vacation, she suggested I get travel insurance. She said she always gets the insurance when traveling. I decided to purchase the insurance and went to my local AAA office. They helped me with purchasing insurance for our trip, and I was impressed with the different instances that the travel insurance would cover. (more…)

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Traveling Solo? Here’s Some Good Advice

Traveling solo with backpackTraveling solo can open up a world of adventure and a wonderful opportunity to explore. Although traveling alone can be beneficial, it does not come without its risks. There are several tips to consider when traveling alone.

Get a Travel Guide

Having a travel guide will make it less likely for you to become lost on your excursion. It will also provide you with a much more organized experience while taking in all of the beautiful sites and scenery on your trip. When traveling solo, taking a few group tours is advised as that way you will still be traveling solo but not completely by yourself. (more…)

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Four Things Not to Do When Traveling by Plane

Example of bad airplane etiquetteChoosing to travel by plane means you have decided to cover the greatest distance by the fastest means possible. Flying economy class is usually cheaper than traveling by train or car, and you will be traveling with a couple of hundred people if you are on a major airline. A certain level of plane etiquette is what makes a good passenger.

1. The Perils of Alcohol

Alcohol is for sale to those of age on airplanes. On those long, boring flights it is tempting to overindulge and have too many drinks. This is a bad idea. Behaving poorly on a plane can get you into trouble just like anywhere else. The flight crew is less tolerant of bad behavior than you might expect. They have a large crowd to control and look after and do not have time to entertain drunken passengers. You can find yourself arrested when the plane lands if you go too far. It should also be noted that if an emergency should occur, being drunk reduces your chances of survival. (more…)

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Things to Consider When Traveling During the Holiday Season

Snow causing flight cancellations during Thanksgiving, ChristmasTraveling during the holiday season can pose a real challenge to even veteran travelers. Taking into account a few basic considerations can ensure that you enjoy greater safety and convenience during the peak travel seasons associated with Thanksgiving and Christmas. Travel insurance protects you from unexpected and unfortunate situations and helps to ensure that any arrangements you make this holiday season will be successful.

Dealing with Cancelled Fights

Snow and other inclement weather conditions are responsible for many cancelled flights each season. Lacking effective travel insurance when faced with such a cancellation can leave you with limited options and no way to complete your trip. The volume of air travelers peaks during the holidays, meaning that a cancellation can leave you without the means to complete your trip, unless you are in a position to make use of your insurance.

Cost Effective Protection for Your Arrangements

Busy situation at the airportLacking a way to complete your trip may be just the start of your problems when you choose to book your next flight without the benefit of suitable insurance. An uninsured and unexpected cancellation may leave you without the means to recoup the cost of your ticket, costing you valuable financial resources while at the same time leaving you stranded without the means to make it to your destination. Insurance can protect you from such an unfortunate circumstance, expanding your available options to compensate for a cancelled flight, often with no additional cost to you at all.

Effective Insurance Does Not End with Your Flight

Challenges facing your holiday travel plans may not end at touchdown. A higher than usual volume of travelers can put a real strain on a number of resources and options needed to enjoy the best trip possible. Hotel occupancy, rental car arrangements and a variety of other situations may prove more of a problem then you could have imagined. Choosing to make use of the best available insurance options will give you the protection you need to deal with any unexpected events of circumstances, meaning you will have more opportunity to relax and enjoy your holiday.

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4 Ways to Avoid Your Wallet From Being Stolen

Wallet being stolen during travelingThieves come in many shapes and sizes. Oftentimes, the most unassuming and seemingly safe places can provide the best chances for pickpockets and hustlers to take advantage of unsuspecting travelers and therefore ruining an otherwise fun and relaxing trip. There are certain things you can do to protect yourself from these pickpockets.

Look Out!

The best line of defense when traveling is to be aware of your surroundings. Stay alert by observing the people in your immediate area, and by understanding the most harmless looking person might be the one looking to rip you off is key to protecting yourself. Ladies, keep your handbag zipped up, especially if you are in a high-volume tourist area. It doesn’t take much to slip a hand into someone’s bag and grasp for something that looks and feels like a wallet, camera or smartphone. It’s a good idea to carry a bag with a long strap that you can wear across your body too. (more…)

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Traveling to Countries with Terrorist Threats

Traveling to countries with terrorist threatsThere is always the danger of a terrorist attack when you are going to a country that is notorious for such problems. It can seem like being ignorant or slightly racist, but it is a simple fact that there are certain parts of the world that are less safe than others. For example, going to Iraq or Afghanistan during this time would not be advised by the U.S. Department of State Travel. So if you are thinking of traveling to those places, then it is important that you recognize the need to be very careful of where you stay, who you interact with, and how long you are there. (more…)

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