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Columbus Direct

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Columbus Direct is a U.K. centered travel insurance company that has been in operation since 1988. They are a popular standard among students, backpackers, vacation enthusiasts and business people. One of their interesting features includes specialized plans; for instance travel insurance for a weekend ski-vacation as low as £8.00 (or entire annual ski coverage at £36.00), or specialized coverage to deal with potential delays or damages related to volcanic ash. Columbus Direct is also very straight-forward with their prices, as they explain their package deal prices right on their front page, which means you don’t have to dig through the site and join mailing lists to figure their actual cost.

Travel Insurance Package Plans

Columbus Direct, as previously mentioned, offers packages for very specific travel arrangements, such as ski holidays. They also offer business travel insurance, backpacker insurance, and something especially interesting called adventure insurance. This deal covers a wide range of ‘adventure’ situations if you’re a more excitement-oriented traveler, such as BMX, climbing and deep-sea exploration.

Available Medical Travel Plans

Columbus Direct offers policies that cover both emergency in-patient and out-patient treatment, as well as non-routine prescription charges, consultations, physiotherapy and emergency dental treatment. Although these options are described somewhat broadly, it’s safe to assume the vast majority of medical expenses are fully covered by Columbus Direct.

Advantages of Columbus Direct

One aspect of this company that really stood out was the vast amount of pounds that they cover for medical costs — up to £15 million! This level of coverage is far above other travel insurance companies, and in addition their prices seem exceptionally reasonable. With travel insurance options for brief visits as low as a few pounds, Columbus Direct is an excellent, affordable choice — especially for shorter vacations where you can take advantage of their budget packages. Finally, their reputation really precedes them so that you can feel secure you’re covered by a responsible company.

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