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HTH Worldwide

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HTH Worldwide has travel insurance for all types of situations and all types of people. The company has plans designed just to suit the needs of students who are traveling to the U.S. to study, American students who are engaging in learning activities at foreign universities, for individual people or entire families who are taking short-term vacations outside of the United States and plans that protect employees traveling for business for extended periods of time.

HTH Worldwide provides health insurance that protects people against being injured in accidents as well as for illnesses. With the plans offered by HTH Worldwide, people visiting the United States or American citizens traveling abroad will have the means to pay their medical bills at quality medical institutions if they or their dependents are ever hurt or fall ill when they are far from home.

By purchasing their travel insurance or health insurance from HTH Worldwide, all policyholders will know that they will have access to very carefully scrutinized medical providers all over the world. Included in this group of people are those medical providers who have been certified by the American Board of Medical Specialties.

The types of medical providers that have been added to HTH Worldwide’s roster of medical personnel and facilities are doctors, dentists, psychiatrists, hospitals and private practices in more than 180 countries. All of these providers have made a commitment to give their best services to the students, travelers and foreign employees on the HTH Worldwide plans.

Travel Insurance Package Plans

The travel insurance package plan for students offers insurance against sickness or injury to resident aliens enrolled full-time in U.S. schools from age 14 to 64. American students who are studying abroad also have a plan that offers these students the ability to add dependents to the policy.

Individuals or families that need travel insurance or health insurance can purchase a plan for a long-term stay as well as a short-term vacation. Even missionaries and members of cruise ships have their own choices of plans.

For employers, a group plan may be needed to insure several employees at once. HTH Worldwide has Blue Cross and Blue Shield group health insurance plans for their employees that are traveling for business.

Available Medical Travel Plans

All available medical travel plans are included in the travel insurance packages offered by HTH Worldwide. It doesn’t matter if it is needed for one trip or if the policyholders take several trips overseas, they have medical coverage for any illnesses or injuries with HTH Worldwide.

Advantages of HTH Worldwide

The advantage of travel insurance and health insurance with HTH Worldwide is that its policyholders have their insurance coverage with a company that is a leader in the industry. They adhere to very high standards, as was seen with how they select their healthcare providers, and they offer coverage for an affordable price.

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