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My Story: “How Travel Insurance Helped Our Family On Our Florida Vacation”

Lost luggage at the airportUp until last year, I had never taken my family on a long vacation. Of course, we had taken day trips to waterparks and the occasional camping weekend, but never a long vacation. That changed last year when my husband and I decided to take our four children to Walt Disney World.

Booking the Trip – Did I Need Insurance?

I don’t know about you, but I had never purchased travel insurance before this trip. However, when my coworker found out about our upcoming vacation, she suggested I get travel insurance. She said she always gets the insurance when traveling. I decided to purchase the insurance and went to my local AAA office. They helped me with purchasing insurance for our trip, and I was impressed with the different instances that the travel insurance would cover.

Flying Is Stressful, Even When You Don’t Add in Four Children

Have you ever flown with four children? Let me tell you that there are plenty of other things I’d rather do instead of standing in an airport with four excited children. Finally, we were on the plane and officially on our vacation. I had packed them each a suitcase full of clothes, swimsuits, and toys to keep them occupied in the hotel. If you have children, you know how important it is to pack toys or activities for your children to do during quieter activities.

Waiting by the Baggage Claim

When we got off the plane, we went to wait at the baggage claim. Eventually we saw our entire luggage except for one child’s suitcase. Somehow the airline had lost one of our suitcases! This was stressful because we just wanted to get to the hotel, but now had to take care of the missing luggage issue. It never showed up, but luckily I remembered the travel insurance. I called AAA and told them of the situation. It was such an easy process to file an insurance claim. The company was really nice and reimbursed me for the missing luggage very quickly.

The rest of the trip went great. The entire family had a wonderful time relaxing on the beach and taking in the sights of Walt Disney World. The next time we take a long family vacation, I am definitely going to be purchasing travel insurance. The peace of mind of having insurance was worth the extra cost.

– M.N.

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