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My Story: “Never Leaving The Country Without It”

The Nubian Sea CruiserI am a frequent traveler to Egypt and love to fill the weeks with wild trekking tours through the deserts, Nile cruises and at least one venture into far off places beyond the beaten paths. On my last trip, I took my usual seven-day Nile cruise boarding in Luxor and heading southward to Aswan. However, this latest getaway also included a seven-night voyage on Lake Nasser aboard the beautiful five-star Nubian Sea cruiser.

The two featured Nubian Sea itineraries available included the same stops at Kalabsha, Amada and all of the other stops along the Egyptian side of the lake. However, I opted to take the one itinerary that extended the cruise to explore the southern most Lake Nasser border that belongs to Sudan and is called Lake Nubia by the Sudanese. Sudan does not adhere to the same strict health codes used by the Egyptians, and therefore, I had to get a malaria shot approximately six weeks before departing for the trip.

The purpose of the malaria vaccination is not just to protect the visitor, it is also a legal requirement to re-enter Egypt after leaving Sudan. Having no other option, I gladly took the shot, however, I felt unusually tired and suffered a stiff arm during my cruising portion of the trip. The mosquitos were on the warpath in that blistering hot summer month, and I found myself in need of medical treatment to calm down the itching and seal over the scratch marks on my arms. My travel insurance covered the medical costs on board the ship and put my mind at ease in case I would need further medical attention at a major clinic in Cairo.

Tourism in EgyptAs a seasoned traveler, I know the importance of securing medical travel insurance when venturing overseas. This last trip to Egypt was the only time I have ever had to use it, but I am astutely aware that anything can happen in a foreign country. Adding a full-coverage medical policy to your overall travel expenses is a mere pittance out of pocket. However, that smart move can mean the difference of getting quality medical care without bankrupting your travel budget. Although I am a fit, healthy and athletic traveler, I would never leave this country without getting the best medical travel insurance plan added to my tour package.

The money I saved by not having to deal with high-cost emergency medical care was sufficient to keep my Egypt trip within budget. My money went to better use such as renting a dune buggy at the base of the pyramids in Giza, shopping the ancient Khan el-Khalili souk in Cairo, and living large at the best Indian restaurant in Cairo located inside the Mena House hotel.

– J.K.

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