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annual travel insurance

When to Switch to an Annual Travel Insurance

Annual travel insurance

For anyone who is traveling abroad, or even takes an extended holiday inside the country, travel insurance is a wise choice. If travelers have the right policy, travel insurance will cover risky holidays such as skiing, lost or stolen items, cancellations, the cost of getting home and much more. For those who travel several times a year, annual travel insurance may be the best option.

The Main Advantages of Annual Travel Insurance

  • Annual travel insurance will cost less for those who travel more than once a year. The other option is buying single-trip insurance each time. This will most likely add up to more.
  • Once annual travel insurance is arranged; it works the same for every trip. With single-trip insurance a new policy has to be arranged each time.
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Ordering Travel Insurance Online While Already Abroad

Ordering a travel insurance onlineThe United States Department of State recommends that all Americans traveling abroad check their insurance policies to make sure you’re covered while overseas. If you forgot to do this or have no international coverage, you must purchase your travel insurance online while you are traveling.

The Benefits of Booking Travel Insurance Online

Travel insurance can be purchased in person through a travel agent or other business, but it can also be done online. In fact, buying online often nets a cheaper rate and is fast and easy to do. In many cases, you can get a quote within minutes and book and pay for it all on the same website. Great examples of companies that have this type of service available are Seven Corners and HTH Worldwide. (more…)

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Travel Insurance Services

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Travel Insurance Services, also known as, has been a leading provider of annual travel insurance and student insurances since the company was founded in 1973. Based in San Francisco, California, the company is a member USI Holdings one the largest insurance agencies in the world. This travel insurance company provides a wide range of travel insurance and coverage to travelers worldwide. For business travelers, USI Assist will provide a free quote and assistance to business travelers who need business travel accident insurance, personal security, emergency travel medical, evacuation and a wide-variety of other services. In addition to offering high limit travel coverage and assisting business travelers, the company also caters to students as well as frequent travelers.

TIS offers Student Medical Health Insurance, Voyager Annual Insurance for the frequent traveler, travel medical insurance, trip cancellation service and a hazardous sports trip insurance as well. The company works with a network of U.S. based insurance companies. Each plan offered by Travel insurance Services is designed to protect and cover individuals who travel and are away from home. Whether away on business, on vacation or studying abroad, Travel Insurance Services has the perfect plan for individuals and groups. Travelers can choose from Travel Insurance Select, Visit USA HealthCare, InterMedical Insurance, Study USA HealthCare, Voyager Annual Insurance and WorldMed Insurance. Travelers in need of travel insurance can request a quote for any of the company’s lines of travel insurance online, by calling the company directly or by contacting the company via e-mail. (more…)

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Travel Guard

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Having something go awry on vacation or a business trip can ruin your plans. Travel insurance from Travel Guard can protect you or your company from financial loss if you have a weather, travel or medical problem while traveling. Travel Guard has been insuring travelers for more than 20 years and is owned by Chartis, a company with 90 years of experience in all types of insurance. With its around-the-clock assistance line, Travel Guard’s help is just a phone call away for the weary traveler. The company offers per-trip plans for the vacationer and annual plans for the frequent traveler. Coverage amounts vary to meet a variety of needs and budgets.

Customers can build their own insurance plans to suit their specific needs, from accident coverage to baggage loss to concierge service. A quick click to the site gives customers access to everything they need to create the plan that’s perfect for them and to receive a quote. Travel Guard will also work with companies to create custom insurance plans to cover all of a company’s employees. Claims are easy to file via mail or fax. Easy to use, Travel Guard insurance leaves travelers with peace of mind knowing they are protected from financial loss even if something goes wrong on their trip. (more…)

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