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The Costa Concordia Teaches Us Travelers A Lesson

When the passengers climbed aboard the Costa Concordia they could have never imagined the horror that would unfold in the upcoming days. A trip of a lifetime for most aboard a glorious ship turned deadly for some and for others their permanent mental scars will have to be dealt with through therapy.

When vacationing families booked their dream cruise on an Italian cruise, they thought everything would be fun in the sun, but instead it was like a nightmare. With eerie similarities of the grand Titanic ship, the cruise ship hit land. Apparently, the captain was doing a favor for one of the crewmembers that had family on an island. His error turned out to be fatal for many people vacationing on this ship. To make matters worse the captain abandoned the ship and was arrested and is now looking at a life in prison for manslaughter and walk out on his ship. In both the Titanic and The Costa Concordia the captains were said to be at fault. Regardless of who is fault it is the travelers who paid the price, some with their very lives. (more…)

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