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Traveling to Countries with Terrorist Threats

Traveling to countries with terrorist threatsThere is always the danger of a terrorist attack when you are going to a country that is notorious for such problems. It can seem like being ignorant or slightly racist, but it is a simple fact that there are certain parts of the world that are less safe than others. For example, going to Iraq or Afghanistan during this time would not be advised by the U.S. Department of State Travel. So if you are thinking of traveling to those places, then it is important that you recognize the need to be very careful of where you stay, who you interact with, and how long you are there. (more…)

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Travel Destinations To Avoid in 2012

Revolution in Egypt - travel warningsWhen planning ahead for international travel for tourist trips, vacations, and all types travel for pleasure, it can be difficult to determine how safe a place is. The United States State department issues travel advisories that world travelers should always pay attention to. They are based upon facts and information that is analyzed by professionals and can be very beneficial to everyone. This is especially true for countries that have a particular type of problem making certain places in a nation unsafe, but still having most of the tourist spots remain perfectly safe. Mexico is a good example. There are places where there are drug cartel activities, but all of the popular tourist spots are perfectly fine.

What About the Future?

Although the State Department is outstanding for what is happening now, they cannot predict the future and do not even attempt to do so. However, for the international traveler, plans have to be made in advance. You may have a trip planned only to turn on the television and find out you won’t be going to your destination after all. What is worse is if something should happen while you are in a foreign country. The numbers of horror stories that can be told are numerous. Since no one can see the future, let’s look at hot spots that are not on the State Department’s radar. (more…)

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