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International SOS

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International SOS came into being out of necessity; one of the founders, a French doctor named Pascal Rey-Herme, was working in Asia and realized that there was a need for healthcare for the other expatriate workers in the area. This need caused him to create a company with Arnaud Vaissie that would administer travel insurance for those in Southeast Asia. Since then, it has spread to more than 70 countries to help people obtain medical assistance abroad.

Wherever people are, they are going to be able to maintain their health with the help of International SOS. This travel insurance company has several alarm centers and clinics in over 70 countries where International SOS has a presence. The 27 alarm centers are open at all times, every day, and they are ready to accept patients whenever they are feeling ill or injured.

International SOS also has 32 of its own clinics. These clinics offer International SOS clients the ability to obtain the healthcare they need in areas where it is hard to find. Just by visiting one of these clinics, International SOS clients will have access to emergency services, primary care physicians, diagnostic capabilities and pharmacies where they will be able to purchase any medication they may need. International SOS even has the ability to transport its clients to its medical facilities by air, if this is the easiest way, or ground, if their clients are in an area that does not have adequate transportation. (more…)

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