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MH Ross

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MH Ross is a travel insurance provider for travelers from thee US and Canada. Founded in 1952 by Murray and Natalie Ross, their company designed the first custom travel insurance program for Unitours in 1961. For the past fifty years, they have specialized in creating custom business insurance programs.

MH Ross currently offers travelers several different trip insurance packages that are a part of their Advantage Series. These packages range from basic coverage for the fiscally conscious to a complete coverage plan that protects against a variety of unexpected circumstances. Each of these policies extends a maximum payment of $25,000 in the event of accidental death or dismemberment, and each one also provides some financial compensation for missed connections, travel delays and other trip disruptions.

All plans include access to their 24-hour assistance service, which provides customer support in medical and legal services, business services and concierge services. The report staff responds to missed phone calls within 24 hours. Claims may also be reported online through their Online Claims service. This service also allows users to check the status of previously submitted claims. Only claims under the Advantage or GroupAdvantage Series may be reported through this service. (more…)

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