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Mondial Travel Insurance

Mondial Assistance Travel Insurance

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Mondial Assistance offers travel insurance for individuals looking to ensure that their travel plans, and money, are safe. This means planning for unexpected occurrences such as missing flights, becoming ill while traveling, or having an injury occur. Imagine something terrible happening while traveling and not having the necessary protection to help yourself or to cover your expenses. This is what Mondial helps customers handle: the unexpected. Nobody likes to think about the things that may go wrong during traveling, but travel insurance will simply make you feel more at ease while traveling. Unfortunately, travel is not always easy, but you can feel safer and breathe easier with this type of business or holiday insurance.

Mondial insurance is offered at varying levels of protection; executive, long haul, warrior, and essential are the main categories that consumers can purchase. Each plan provides specific protection for the circumstances. For example, business protection is created specifically for business travelers and includes such things as trip cancellation protection, trip interruption protection, and baggage coverage. Each level of protection has different items covered, though some areas overlap, and the amount of coverage varies depending on the plan. As consumers travel needs change, Mondial’s insurance changes with them. (more…)

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