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Seven Corners

Liaison Majestic Insurance: A Health Insurance by Seven Corners

Seven Corners insurance logoGoing on a vacation? Visiting family? Going on a business trip? Maybe you are going on a wild African safari. No matter how far or near your destination might be, traveling is always an adventure. We often take our high-tech, fast transportation for granted these days. No matter how fast you can travel somewhere, you never know what can happen to you or your belongings between point A and point B. People often make sure that their valuables are secured and insured when they travel. What about their own health and wellbeing? Many people neglect the importance of the fact that they need to stay in excellent health as they make their way through their itinerary. Traveling can be very taxing on the body. Even when people are having fun, their bodies endure a certain amount of stress, wear and tear. (more…)

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Seven Corners

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Seven Corners is a vacation insurance company that knows that many things can go wrong when traveling, whether you’re a student, backpacker, or business traveler. Whether it’s losing your luggage, or getting sick while traveling; Seven Corners has thought of all possible disaster scenarios and offers its customers a solution for it. This insurance company also provides insurance for scenarios such as terrorism and emergency medical evacuations — which is a great way to set a family member’s mind at ease when traveling to an especially exotic locale. Combine this with Seven Corner’s full array of standard medical insurance coverage, and this becomes a great, diverse company that handles a wide array of different emergency situations, as well as even basic inconveniences during your adventure.

Travel Insurance Package Plans

Seven Corners provides a number of travel insurance packages and assist services that are designed to fit your style of travel. For instance, the basic Liaison International Travel Insurance is outfitted to provide up to U.S. $ 1,000,000 in medical coverage. There is a Worldwide Liaison option, as well; this is ideal for travelers extending their overseas stay for up to an entire year. You will also find specific packages tailored for: students, senior citizens, immigrants, visitors, and even missionaries. (more…)

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