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Four Things Not to Do When Traveling by Plane

Example of bad airplane etiquetteChoosing to travel by plane means you have decided to cover the greatest distance by the fastest means possible. Flying economy class is usually cheaper than traveling by train or car, and you will be traveling with a couple of hundred people if you are on a major airline. A certain level of plane etiquette is what makes a good passenger.

1. The Perils of Alcohol

Alcohol is for sale to those of age on airplanes. On those long, boring flights it is tempting to overindulge and have too many drinks. This is a bad idea. Behaving poorly on a plane can get you into trouble just like anywhere else. The flight crew is less tolerant of bad behavior than you might expect. They have a large crowd to control and look after and do not have time to entertain drunken passengers. You can find yourself arrested when the plane lands if you go too far. It should also be noted that if an emergency should occur, being drunk reduces your chances of survival. (more…)

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