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Travel Insurance Direct

Travel Insurance Direct

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Customer Service is an Australian travel insurance company voted #1 in the travel insurance industry. This insurance will cover an individual or family from the time of departure to the date of return from their holiday. This insurance covers about 22 items. There are three instances where you have unlimited coverage such as, medical expenses incurred, cancellation fees, and medical evacuation. Travel Insurance Direct offers the traveler group traveler insurance, and annual traveler insurance. If several trips are planned by the traveler in any given year it is less expensive for them to purchase an annual travelers insurance

There are items not covered in Travel Insurance Direct’s plans, such as stupid and nonsensical actions on the part of the traveler. If an accident should occur due to the use of alcohol, and or drugs, the policy probably will not cover. If expensive personal possessions are left unattended and they come up stolen, they will not be covered. There are many daring activities that will literally put one’s life in jeopardy. This insurance will not cover if something happens. If you should find yourself in a country of unrest due to a riot for example and put yourself in harm’s way when you could have stayed safely out of the way, this insurance will not cover. Use common sense. (more…)

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