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Dealing with Fear of Flying Effectively

Fear of flyingIf you have a fear of flying, you are not alone. There are hundreds of travelers who are afraid of those blue skies and experience anxiety just thinking about getting on an airplane. Fortunately, there are many steps you can take to deal effectively with the fear of flying.

First Stop: The Doctor

To help quell any fears about flying, the doctor should be your first stop. Plan a visit to see your physician several weeks before your flight. Your doctor can prescribe sedatives to prevent or reduce any symptoms of anxiety. Sedatives are very effective for reducing anxiety attacks and putting one at ease. Just make sure to take as prescribed, and do not mix any sedatives with alcohol. Keep your sedatives with you at all times. This will give you reassurance that help is close by if you need it and reduce anticipatory anxiety.

Wing-Side vs Aisle Seat

Choosing the right seat to best calm your fears is important. Each individual is different, so think carefully before you choose. Some travelers feel more at ease with a wing-side seat. Being able to gaze outside and have a focal point can help you take your mind off of your fears. Others feel more at ease with an aisle seat because looking out the window is a reminder that they are in the air. Whether you choose a wing-side seat or aisle seat, there are temperature controls on the passenger seats for cool air. Cool air can help reduce symptoms of anxiety that make you feel like you can’t breathe.

Entertain Yourself While in The Air

Reading a book on the planeOne of the best ways to help deal with anxiety while flying is to keep busy in the air. Make sure to bring a good book, DVD or MP3 player for music. Whether it’s a sultry romantic novel or one of Tom Clancy’s thrillers, engaging in a good read will keep you focused and make the flight go quicker. Listening to your favorite music is another way to stay focused and make the time pass.

Getting to the Ball on Time

Make sure to allow yourself plenty of time for check-in. Having extra time will put you at ease, and you can grab a cup of coffee or trek the airport shops. With extra time, you can leisurely relax and won’t feel extra pressure from time constraints. Extra time will give you a steady heart rate, and you’ll be able to fly the friendly skies feeling more relaxed.

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