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Comparison: Allianz Travel Insurance vs Travelex

Comparison of travel insurancesLife can be unpredictable. No matter how much you look forward to bicycling through Amsterdam, cruising around Alaska or taking the kids to Disney World, something may come up that forces you to cancel the trip. There are other scenarios of what can go wrong with a vacation: you need to return home early, you lose a vital piece of luggage or you need medical care. Each of these unpleasant scenarios will cost money to resolve, and that is where travel insurance plans step in and help. Not sure which travel insurance you need? The following travel insurance comparison of two leading plans can help determine which has the best coverage for you. (more…)

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Read Travel Insurance Reviews Before Ordering

Travel insurance coverageMany people who travel, whether for business or pleasure, feel it is necessary to purchase travel insurance. When you buy travel insurance, you can feel assured that your trip, or at least a portion of your trip, will be reimbursed if you can’t travel or your vacation is cut short due to certain circumstances. However, before you buy your travel insurance, it is important to check travel insurance reviews on the companies you are considering.

Check The Company’s Reputation

Most companies have reviews that are listed online. In addition to the company website where testimonials may be posted, do an Internet search for the company name and the word “reviews” and check popular consumer forums such as Ripoff Report. What you need to look for is a list of complaints against the company. However, any company is bound to have a small number of bad reviews due to unhappy customers or unforeseen circumstances. Therefore, it is important to consider the overall number of reviews as well as what they say. (more…)

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Travelex Travel Insurance is one of the bigger travel insurance companies in the market and they offer a number of different insurance plans for the average traveler. If you plan on taking a trip in the near future, Travelex is one option that should be considered. Travelex offers several different options, which can accommodate travelers of many different types. Whether you’re looking for business travel insurance, flight insurance or coverage for a short trip within the country, they have plans to consider. When getting a typical policy from Travelex, the policy comes with luggage protection in case your bags are misplaced after taking a flight.

Another feature of most Travelex plans includes protection against your cancellation or interruption. If you have to reschedule your trip for some reason, you will not have to worry about missing out on any money that you have already paid. Another potentially attractive feature of this type of insurance coverage is that it covers medical costs while you are traveling. If you are traveling domestically, this may not be an issue as your regular health insurance may cover it. (more…)

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