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My Story: “Never Leaving The Country Without It”

The Nubian Sea CruiserI am a frequent traveler to Egypt and love to fill the weeks with wild trekking tours through the deserts, Nile cruises and at least one venture into far off places beyond the beaten paths. On my last trip, I took my usual seven-day Nile cruise boarding in Luxor and heading southward to Aswan. However, this latest getaway also included a seven-night voyage on Lake Nasser aboard the beautiful five-star Nubian Sea cruiser.

The two featured Nubian Sea itineraries available included the same stops at Kalabsha, Amada and all of the other stops along the Egyptian side of the lake. However, I opted to take the one itinerary that extended the cruise to explore the southern most Lake Nasser border that belongs to Sudan and is called Lake Nubia by the Sudanese. Sudan does not adhere to the same strict health codes used by the Egyptians, and therefore, I had to get a malaria shot approximately six weeks before departing for the trip. (more…)

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Going Backpacking? Get a Medical Check-up!

Insurance for backpackingBackpacking is no longer for the young. People of all ages are picking up their supplies and going on the road all over the world to enjoy this activity. However, before you plan your backpacking trip, get a medical check-up from your family doctor to make sure that you are physically capable of handling this strenuous activity. (more…)

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