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World Nomads, based in Sydney, Australia, began in 2002 as a travel insurance provider for the adventurous, round-the-world traveler. Currently, residents from 150 countries are eligible to purchase travel insurance. Coverage may include medical and evacuation emergencies, 24-hour emergency assistance, and a range of adventurous activities. On top of being an international travel insurance provider, the company’s website provides a forum for global trekkers by allowing the creation of blogs. Additionally, World Nomads provides up-to-date information about travel warnings and current natural disasters. Language guides are provided too on the website.

On top of selling travel insurance, World Nomads allows consumers to allocate proceeds to charities. Donations fund community development projects in developing countries. “Footprints” is the charity network and arm of World Nomads. Footprints partners include but not limited to Oxfam, Save the Children, and Fred Hollows. Beside charity, World Nomads provides scholarships to avid travelers interested in documentary filming, writing, photography, and podcasts by partnering with organizations, such as National Geographic and Sydney Morning Herald. (more…)

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