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Travelex Travel Insurance is one of the bigger travel insurance companies in the market and they offer a number of different insurance plans for the average traveler. If you plan on taking a trip in the near future, Travelex is one option that should be considered. Travelex offers several different options, which can accommodate travelers of many different types. Whether you’re looking for business travel insurance, flight insurance or coverage for a short trip within the country, they have plans to consider. When getting a typical policy from Travelex, the policy comes with luggage protection in case your bags are misplaced after taking a flight.

Another feature of most Travelex plans includes protection against your cancellation or interruption. If you have to reschedule your trip for some reason, you will not have to worry about missing out on any money that you have already paid. Another potentially attractive feature of this type of insurance coverage is that it covers medical costs while you are traveling. If you are traveling domestically, this may not be an issue as your regular health insurance may cover it.

If you go overseas, your regular health insurance may not provide protection. This is where insurance from Travelex kicks in and helps cover your bills. This type of plan can even cover any pre-existing conditions that you may have had before you took out the insurance policy. Travelex also offers a 24-hour a day customer service line that has the potential to help you while traveling.

Travel Insurance Package Plans

Travelex offers a basic, select, max, TravelLite, plus, business traveler, and flight insurance plan. The basic plan is ideal when you just want simple coverage at an affordable rate. Getting the select or max plans can provide you with more comprehensive coverage. TravelLite provides you with some basic coverage at a very affordable rate. The flight insurance plan covers any damage or loss as a result of an air traffic accident.

All of the plans offered by Travelex come with some type of medical coverage. The flight insurance plan would only provide medical coverage for injuries or issues sustained while on a plane. The other plans provide coverage regardless of where you are while on your trip.

Advantages of Travelex

If you’re shopping around for travel insurance coverage, Travelex definitely has some benefits to offer. They generally have good ratings and you can get a free quote for coverage directly from their home page without having to provide any of your personal information. Their rates are very competitive in the industry and they offer comprehensive coverage while you are taking. You can get quotes on single trips or multiple trip coverage, depending on your needs. With their flexible plans and thorough coverage, Travelex is a quality provider in the travel insurance industry.

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