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Traveling by Car – Do I Need Trip Insurance?

Road trip, get insuranceIndividuals who are traveling often ask if they need trip insurance. When their journeys involve the open road, they mistakenly assume insurance is unnecessary. Since people think of trip insurance as covering lost baggage and missed flights, they believe there is no need to purchase a policy if their travels do not involve these things. While travel insurance is certainly valuable for air travel, it should not be discounted when plans include enjoying a vacation by car.

Financially Devastating Trip Cancellations

Sometimes the unexpected happens and travel must be cancelled, or at least postponed. When this happens, deposits on rental cars, hotels and guided tours are often lost. With the right travel insurance policy, that need not be the case. A good insurance policy will reimburse travelers in the event of a medical emergency or death in the immediate family. Some policies will even cover cancellations that are due to terrorist threats, unexpected weather patterns and involuntary job losses. These policies can save travelers from financially devastating situations, making them well worth the investment.

Unexpected Emergencies That Ruin Vacations

Traveling with the family by car

Family car travel experiences sometimes involve unexpected emergencies. A wallet, traveler’s checks, cash and credit cards that are lost or stolen can ruin a trip if emergency money is not available. A lost passport can do the same for a family traveling abroad. Travel policies provide funds to distressed individuals in situations like these. They also help their customers to navigate the system meaning replacement passport requests are expedited, allowing the trip to continue without interruption.

Broken Legs, Sprained Ankles and Other Medical Emergencies

Americans traveling through Europe often find it difficult to know where to turn if medical needs arise. It is challenging to find an English-speaking physician and emergency money to pay for medical expenses incurred during travel. These expenses are not typically covered by traditional health insurance policies, and without funding treatment might not be rendered. With a travel insurance plan, travelers can rest easy knowing the company will help them locate a qualified physician, and provide them with the funds needed to pay for care.

Trip insurance is a necessity that individuals traveling by car sometimes try to do without. When those travelers face unexpected cancellations, emergencies or medical needs, they usually regret their decisions. Purchasing a travel insurance policy (online) helps individuals to prepare for the unexpected, making it a great investment that should never be ignored.

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