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Traveling Solo? Here’s Some Good Advice

Traveling solo with backpackTraveling solo can open up a world of adventure and a wonderful opportunity to explore. Although traveling alone can be beneficial, it does not come without its risks. There are several tips to consider when traveling alone.

Get a Travel Guide

Having a travel guide will make it less likely for you to become lost on your excursion. It will also provide you with a much more organized experience while taking in all of the beautiful sites and scenery on your trip. When traveling solo, taking a few group tours is advised as that way you will still be traveling solo but not completely by yourself.

Do Not Draw Attention To Yourself

Nothing screams “vulnerable” “rob me” like vacationing with a ton of lavish jewelry on your person, so leave the expensive jewelry at home. Also, leave the souvenirs and fanny packs at home. By wearing “touristy” clothes you will look like a tourist and you will be drawing attention to yourself, making yourself more vulnerable to people who are up to no good.

Try A Family-Friendly Area

When traveling solo it is best to avoid romantic places. If you are seeking to meet new people try a public venue, such as a pub, where there are more people. Being in crowded places can actually provide more safety than being in a secluded area.

Keep In Touch With Loved Ones

Make sure that a trusted family member or friend knows exactly where you are at all times. Keep in touch with them throughout the duration of your vacation. You do not have to call them up every time you venture out; shooting them a quick text should be sufficient. Also, make sure that you have your mobile phone with you at all times and make sure that the battery to your mobile phone is fully charged wherever you go.

Business woman traveling alone

It is up to you and you alone to ensure your safety while traveling. By using common sense and taking a few tips into consideration you will be on your way to traveling solo and enjoying every moment of your vacation.

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